Foootball is a tactical dice game for 1-4 players, ages 8+.

In this fast-paced football game you secretly select how to attack and how to defend, trying to attack in ways your opponen’t do not anticipate and defend against exactly the way your opponen’t attacks.

And you roll lots of dice!

Easy rules means a match only takes about 15 minutes to play. 

The game includes solo rules, where you can test your skills against classic play styles such as Tiki Taka and Catenaccio.

The game includes many female football players, recognising women’s pivotal contribution.  

The game is currently in prototype stage.  Would you like to playtest?

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Game Overview:

This page will have much more content in the future, including examples of gameplay and a video explaining the full rules.


Here is a summary of the game tactics:

ATTACKING: As the attacking team, you are in possession of the ball and so have the chance to score a goal. There are five different options on how to attack: Dribble, Long Ball, Through Ball, Pass and Wing Play.

Through Ball is the most effective form of attack as it only requires a single successful ball and a Shot, but in so being also the most likely to be defended against by the Defending team (by playing either Offside or Marking). 

As the Attacking team it can therefore be a better tactic to go for a slightly more difficult form of attack in Pass, or perhaps even Dribble or Wing Play, as those are likely not defended against. 

Long Ball is the option for a cautious team. It is not a very effective attack, but on the other hand it provides you a Save roll, almost certainly also stopping the opponent from scoring any immediate Goal with a Counterattack. 

Alternatively, you could play Back pass which does not provide any goal opportunity at all, but on the other hand likely leaves your team still in possession of the ball for the next spell. This tactic is virtually like skipping the entire spell, and can be very useful, if frustrating for the opponent’s team, when you are in the lead. 


As the Defending team, you must stop the opponent’s team from scoring goals. You have four defensive options: Tackle, Offside, Marking and Press. Out of these, Marking is probably the most important as it defends against the two most efficient attacks: Through Ball and Pass. 

If the opponent’s team is a cautious one, Offside covers not only against Through Ball but also the Long Ball. 

If you suspect the Attacking team will play Dribble or Wing Play, you should instead defend with Tackle or Press.  

Press is especially useful if you are behind and expect the opponent to waste time with the Back pass. 

And finally, if situations are desperate, the Counterattack is the option where you forgo any defensive tactics and instead rely on the opponent failing their attack which gives you a goal scoring opportunity instead.