Foootball is a tactical dice game for 1-4 players, ages 8+.

In this fast-paced tactical football game the teams secretly select their attacking and defending tactics, trying to outwit their opponent and score more goals to ultimately win the match. 

And they roll lots of dice!

Easy rules + fast game play = an entire match only takes about 15 minutes! 

The game includes solo rules, pitting the player team against classic play styles such as Tiki-Taka, Catenaccio and Total Football.

In addition of being fun and exciting, the game also makes an important contribution to gender equality in football. The game’s art puts women in the spotlight, recognising women’s pivotal contribution to the sport and planting seeds for providing new role models.   

The game is currently in PROTOTYPE stage.  Would you like to take part in playtest? email:


Summary of game tactics:

ATTACKING: The attacking team, in possession of the ball, have the opportunity to score a goal. They have several options on how to attack:

Through Ball is the most effective form of attack, but in so being also the most likely to be defended against by the other team. 

The Attacking team can therefore go for alternative ways of attacking in PassDribble or Wing Play

Long Ball is not only a decent form of attack, but also grants defence in case the other team conducts a Counter-Attack.  

The Attacking team can also forgo their attack by instead playing a Back-Pass, keeping possession and making the match clock run down.

DEFENDING: The Defending team must stop the opponent's team from scoring a goal. They too have several options on how to defend:  

Marking and Offside defends against the very efficient Through Ball (as well as Long Ball and Pass). 

Tackle and Press defends against Dribble and Wing Play respectively.

Press is also useful for winning possession of the ball if the Attacking team wastes time with a Back pass. 

In desperate times the Defending team can forgo defending and instead opt for a Counter-Attack, hoping to score a surprise goal. 




This page will have more content in the future, including examples of gameplay and a video explaining the full rules.