Foootball is a fast-paced tactical card game for 2-8 players, ages 8+.

Both teams try to outwit each other to find the exact right opportunity to send a shot past the other team’s defence.

As the attacking team, will you go for a surprising long distance shot, or opt for a better position by first conducting a couple of passes and feint with dribbles? 

As the defending team, when will you play your precious save cards? Do you think your opponent will go for an early shot? Will you try to break the anticipated pass but in so doing leave yourself open to an unexpected shot?

As the attacking team, will you play defensive back-passes, keeping possession of the ball, or will you simply go for aggressively scoring more goals than your opponent, no matter how many goals you suffer against?

Foootball is a fun and easy card game that brings pride and joy to the beautiful game.


The game is currently in prototype stage.  Would you like to participate in playtesting? email:

Prototype art by Kai Hänström. 

This page will have more content in the future, including examples of gameplay and a video explaining the full rules.