Ice Hockey is a fast and fun card game for 2 players, ages 8+.

In this game both teams try to outwit each other in order to score most goals and ultimately win the match. 

As in real ice hockey, timing is everything. 

First off you need to predict the best technique to win the face off. 

With possession of the puck you then need to avoid your opponent’s checking attempts, correctly time your passes and dekes in search for exactly the right opportunity to send the shot past the other team’s goaltender.

With male, female and para ice hockey players represented, Ice Hockey is the first card game ever to aknowledge that ice hockey truly is a sport for everyone.


The game is currently in prototype stage.  Would you like to participate in playtesting? email:

Prototype art by Kai Hänström. 

This page will have more content in the future, including examples of gameplay and a video explaining the full rules.