‘Kvinnofrågor’ was a Swedish quiz card game about historical female and transgender pioneers, activists and leaders from all over the world.

It was made to give voice to and spread knowledge and inspire about various women and transgender personalities that otherwise have been neglected by the male focused history. To make history also herstory, in other words.  

Those who do not know about Junko Tabei or Valentina Teresjkova might mistakenly assume, that no women have ever been atop Mount Everest or reached outer space. And they might not know the importance of Mileva Marić in forming of the theory of relativity, so strongly associated with Albert Einstein. Already in 1851 Sojourner Truth rhetorically asked “Ain’t I a Woman?”, addressing the need for an intersectional perspective of history, beyond just that of the white, colonial man.  

‘Kvinnofrågor’ was made in 2009 and is long since out of print.